I scheduled a book giveaway on Goodreads. It will kick in a week from today and last a month. You can enter for a chance to win one of five copies of the softcover version of Clique of Strangers (a $9.99 value, chief!).  Don't go look at Goodreads to sign up right now (unless you are reading this a week late) because it's not activated yet. But it will be.  I think Goodreads picks the winners at the end of the month using total randomness, and then I mail a copy to those lucky, lucky people. But this is my first giveaway so I'm flying blind on a rocket cycle.

If you are unlucky but have 99 cents and some device with a screen (phone, iPad, computer, or the infamous Kindle), then don't bother signing up (luck is key).  Instead, just buy it. Even if you hate the book, this way you will at least get cool cover art to look at. That's gotta be worth 99 cents. (You won't hate the book. Did you like Twilight? If you did, you will like this, because it's even better. If you didn't, you will like this, because it's better.)

I watched Veep before writing this and drank enough coffee to be up till 2:00 at least.