The house of candles and stars

In A Clique of Strangers, Laurena Quinn discovered that vampires are real. Now she deals with the fallout of inviting one in.

And her magic amulet won’t be enough to save her. Because she’s become the newest enemy of the cruel and powerful vampire queen Stasia.

So Laurena turns to Stasia’s oldest enemy: the mysterious Zacarais Amaral. Zack is glad to help, for reasons of his own. They start to grow closer, and Laurena wants to trust him completely . . .

But he might be hiding a secret that will get her killed.

The House of Candles and Stars is the second book in the paranormal universe of Midnight Rules. It is also the second part of Laurena Quinn's story. There are more Midnight Rules books to comesome about Laurena, some about other characters.


cover by steve morris: