SO LONG, 2016

Pretty mixed bag, 2016, right?  Not all bad.  For me, I published two books, but also: David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher...  So not all great.

Just got back to California after a hectic trip East. Got sick right before traveling and had to delay the flight from Dec 22 till Christmas Eve, so that was an adventure... (where "sleeping for two days" = "adventure")... but once I was able to get out of bed and function, all went well.  Great to see the nieces & nephews & cousins & my parents, plus a couple of friends I hadn't seen in a long time.  But I was still recovering from the sickness, so this was the first Christmas ever I actually lost weight.  Turns out if you don't spend five days eating homemade cookies every waking hour, the pants still fit at the end of the trip.

Also, I apologize/explain to two readers who emailed me after winning the Goodreads giveaway.  In my fugue of disease and travel, I wasn't checking email.  Plus I didn't think the giveaway packages would get to anyone before New Years -- media mail is supposed to be a real slow, stop-and-smell-the-roses experience -- so I didn't reply to these readers until days had gone by.  Bad form, Rooney.  Get on top of things.

Okay you guys, don't feel pressure to go nuts tonight.  (People go nuts.)  Just have fun whatever you do (whether it's a big party, a nice low-key dinner, or Twilight Zone marathon with a cat).  See you next year, as we used to think we were so hilarious for saying in fifth grade.