I lost the piece of paper where I wrote down my password to log onto my own website. I discovered this because my browser forgot the password too, and the password reset feature did not work, and then a few days later, the computer fell apart. Not literally, it was still in one piece, but spiritually. It would not connect to the intertubes. The intertubes worked fine on my phone and TV, but the computer decided eh, it couldn't be bothered. So I spent a couple weeks intermittently opening service windows and typing in "ipconfig" and secret-lingo commands like that to get it back up on the horse. It was fun. I was living a throwback to the days of DOS, when computers were weird and required you to know stuff to make them work. 

But quickly it became no fun, as the commands didn't fix the problem and it turns out I know nothing.  Eventually I got on the phone with Dell (for 8 hours) and after reinstalling everything yesterday, the computer works again. Mostly. So now -- and this is great -- for the first time in months, I can relate to you all the blogworthy essentials, such as: what teas I'm drinking instead of coffee. The people need to know.

I'm down to 2-4 cups of coffee per week. I try to make them count by making them Americanos instead of Chock Full O Nuts. Who am I now? I don't even know. Right now I'm drinking English Breakfast Tea like I am Miss Marple or something, for Pete's sake, it's all I can think -- no wait -- CHURCHILL, that's who.  I am drinking this tea like Winston F'ing Churchill.

In book news -- probably more relevant -- volume 3 of Midnight Rules is nearing completion. It's soon to be on its way to you millions of clamoring readers. Sorry about the delay -- more on that later.  And volume 2 is in the last day of a giveaway on Goodreads. This will take you there, if you are lucky: