In book news, you have till Sunday to enter the giveaway at Goodreads. It's a copy of Clique of Strangers, which the cowriter and I will vandalize with our signatures and mail to you for free, if you win.

Actually we are giving away five copies, so that quintuples your chances.  There are almost 200 people entered to win, which is exciting.  If you enter and lose, that's sad, but in that case you should drown your sorrows in paying for a copy.  That is my sincere advice, and I think it will help you feel better.

My sister just read it and liked it.  She said she immediately started volume 2.  That's really nice.  She's cool.  I can't really say enough things about how cool she is. 

In semi-book news, I'm watching a lot of vampire movies.  Tonight I watched Dracula's Daughter (1936).  It surprised me by being nonterrible.  Actually had a lot of good points.  I will write a review of it, soon.  With pictures! 

In non-book news, I took Tupelo out of his locker and went for a bike ride today along the canal.  (Tupelo is my bike's name.) About 12 miles, all total.  I haven't done that in a while so there is a chance I will feel it tomorrow.  It was nice to be out in the air.  I saw a lot of ducks along the way.  I gotta do more of that. 

In coffee news, a good thing I can say about tea is that there are so many different kinds.  Today I've had Earl Grey, Chai, Irish Breakfast, and a different brand of Earl Grey.  No coffee at all, alas, but it's kind of nice looking forward to a choosing a flavor and let me tell you, if you think of Lipton when you think of tea, it turns out you are making a mistake. 

Lipton is for suckers.

What else?  Talked to my friend Paul for almost 2 hours, starting out about the election (it was the primary in California today) but then ranging off into diverse topics.  That is a lot more time than I usually spend on the phone, but I wear a headset when I talk, like I work in a call center.  So at least I looked cool the whole time.

Now I'm listening to "Huarache Lights" by Hot Chip.  It's groovy.  G'night.