I got a bonkers headache that took me out of commission for four hours. That's unusual for me. Also with the back not at 100 percent, sitting in a chair for more than an hour gets uncomfortable. Between these two irritants, not a lot of writing got done today.

Still, I fixed up a chapter in House of Candles -- before, it wandered, now it gets to the point.

I did read a bit. I'm reading a Sarah J. Maas book, which is YA. Since I wrote a YA book, I should try to keep up with the newest stuff. So far, this one seems to be like if Katniss Everdeen got stuck in Beauty and the Beast, with a little Narnia around the edges. But I'm only a quarter of the way in, and there's lots of ways it could go.

btw I blame my four-hour headache on coffee withdrawal. Not cool, tea. Not cool at all.