This blog post is the Neil Armstrong of posts on this blog.

Squarespace makes this easy, I guess, and even so this is taking me forever. Yesterday I very carefully built some buttons to link this site to Amazon, and for a while I could look at them. Then they vanished.  Where are they now? No one knows.

Somewhere in New Zealand, a man pours himself a bowl of Captain Crunch and two interweb buttons fall out, befuddling him.

A woman in Minsk opens her purse to pay for a watermelon, and finds a single tube sock, still warm from the dryer. The melon vendor accepts it.

A small child in Peoria briefly has hold of my car keys.  When he sets them down, they reappear in my kitchen, where I just looked. All these small tears in reality, now added to by Squarespace.

I'll let you know if the buttons reappear. It will give us something to talk about.