I found the buttons I lost yesterday! Sort of. Then I lost them again. They were on a version of a page that shows up only sometimes and I don't know why. But it doesn't matter because I'm throwing out that page. 

I had a hard time trying to put a button on the pages dedicated to describing the individual books. I thought each book oughta get its own button that would whisk you to Amazon so you could actually get a copy and read it, but I went in circles all morning trying to get these buttons to appear. Then it turned out I had built my individual-book pages using a kind of webpage that doesn't allow buttons. So that explained why it was so hard to add them. 

Then I spent hours (hours! maybe. it felt like hours) rebuilding those pages using the correct page-types on the squarespace template (as far as I know). Anyway now there are buttons. I think. Huzzah! They don't actually whisk to Amazon yet, because I haven't uploaded the books for sale, but they look ready to whisk. Probably Monday things get whiskable? Yeah, so, the whole process of throwing a book out into the world is a weird blend of fun and tedious.

This has been super interesting to read, I'm sure.