I built the Unnecessary Movie Reviews page today. I had a cruddy version up yesterday and today I figured out a better way to organize it. Yet problems vex me still. For example, I wanted to highlight a few reviews -- say, five (out of 18 or 19 on the Monsters site) -- but I didn't know which five. Because if I post a review of a movie I hated, would someone read that and conclude I was a mean or negative jerk? I'm a delight to be around (unbiased opinion), and I felt an urge to choose reviews reflecting this reality.

It turns out, however, I am mean and negative in all my reviews. Even when I like the movie. So in the end I just used random chance to pick ones to highlight. I hope that you find each one to be a golden egg of genius. (Including the loser ones I didn't randomly spotlight.)

The other half of my vexation here is that the movie reviews have a style very different from the paranormal books. I hate to imagine a reader who decides not to try the books because the comedic reviews aren't his or her thing -- or a reader who likes the reviews and then orders the YA paranormal romance book hoping for more of the same, and gets disappointed. The reviews were written to make you laugh while bored at work or up late for no reason. The books have a separate purpose. I mean right? Okay, you get me, I'll relax.