I stayed up late to upload volume 1 for preorders and as it turns out, nothing is as easy as I think it will be.  There was the matter of picking categories and search terms, which has to be strategic so readers can find out about you -- which is another way of saying I had to read a bunch of websites to figure out how to do it right.

For example, "vampires" is not an Amazon subcategory -- but plenty of books appear with that as their subcategory anyway.  How'd they manage that trick?  (It is relevant because my book, just like most books, has vampires.)  It turns out you just type "vampires" in the keywords line, which took 2 seconds -- but it took an hour to find out I should have the vampires category, discover it didn't exist, and then find out how to do the trick. And I won't know if it worked till tomorrow, when the entry is done processing.

Even if the category works, though, I'm not done.  Because I forgot to add myself as author. Doy. Hope that's easy to fix.