So my second book came out today, but there's bigger news.

This morning, I was checking my cowriter Chalene's Facebook page and saw she posted a jpg there of Werner Herzog with a humorous caption.  "So?" you are thinking, "A captioned Herzog jpg on a Facebook page is business as usual in 2016."  But wait: It was a jpg that I made a year or two ago for one of my movie reviews. So I sent her a note saying haha thanks... and she wrote back saying "What?" because she didn't know I made it.  She just found it in an image search.  WHAT THIS MEANS is that a stupid thing I put on the internet a long time ago turned up in someone's bored-at-work search and that person liked it enough to keep it. 

In some sense, that makes today the single greatest day of my life.

I mean, to post a jpg that strangers want? That is the whole goal of modern living.

(Obviously, Chalene is not a stranger, because we cowrote a book that came out today, but she might as well have been.  Right?  Anyway, you can see how we ended up cowriting a book; we both like Herzog and, more than that, we even like the exact same kind of captioned Herzog jpg and have, a year or so apart, posted it on interweb pages where we post stuff.)

In more literary news, like I said, our new paranormal book is officially published -- the ebook version, anyway. This is the sequel to A Clique of Strangers.  It's called The House of Candles and Stars, as you probably know from the homepage of this site, and you can use it to find out what happens to Laurena after the startling events of volume 1.  MAYBE SHE DIES.  (You don't know!)  Volume 1 set up a situation that Volume 2 gets us deeper into.  There's gonna be a volume 3!  (It is more than half written.)  But you should read volume 2 now, to live the rich tapestry of romance and menace we have woven for you, asap.  You won't be sorry.  That's a guarantee.  (It is not a guarantee but the odds are ever in your favor.)

If you want to read the print version of the book, alas, it's tied up at the printers.  This is the part that's not working out, per the headline of this blog post. They didn't approve the cover and I had to resubmit the art for review.  I expected this, and it is not even worth going into here.  I will go into it here if they reject it a second time.  But fingers crossed, they will accept it this time and, in that case, the print version will be up for purchase by the end o' the week.