Volume 2 becomes a real ebook for sure on Tuesday.  (For sure unless the internet burns down; nothing is for sure.)  The print version miiiiight be out by Tuesday.  I'm waiting to get the proof from the printer.  If they get it right the first time, then we're good on Tuesday with that one too.  Fingers crossed.  (Crossing fingers rarely works, we need a more reliable trick.)  Last time, the printer took about six tries to get the cover right.  So I could be headed into a week of emailing and calling them about it. I will use this blog to keep you informed every step of the way, hypothetical super fan. Hopefully it's good news.

In nonbook news, I am going to try to see The Sorcerer tonight with a couple friends.  It is sold out online but there'll still be tickets at the window.  This is the movie that is mainly famous for being very good but bombing anyway because it came out the same time as Star Wars in 1977.