This blog fell into neglect while I went all in finishing up volume 2 of the vampire book.  It was already in decent shape, because we've been working on it for more than a year, but there was a lot of sanding and polishing.  It came out pretty good, I think?  You be the judge.  (You will have to buy it to be the judge.)  Anyway, there will be a real book inside the cover jpg that is currently pre-orderable at Amazon.   

I am still drinking tea in the morning instead of coffee. I feel ashamed of this.  As if a crucial part of my identity has been lost through weakness. 

I keep telling myself that England conquered a whole planet on tea. Jefferson and Washington led a whole revolution to keep tea affordable.  And there are so many different tea varieties.  Also -- and this helps me a lot in accepting tea -- I still drink coffee at night.  I feel like I am healthier?  I am not.  I haven't gone for any more acupuncture, as it was the acupuncturist who initially banned me from coffee.

I will try to be a less neglectful contributor around here and also have posts that are not just about how deeply steeped in coffee my sense of self is.