"It's the end of May, and heyyy," you're saying, "no book?"

Right, right, I know I said there'd be one by now, but

"Yeah, so what gives, jerk?"

Uh, you don't need to start name-calling, we've been working real hard on it and

"Well excuse me, but not name-calling doesn't seem to be getting us a book, does it? You lazy hamsterfaced brickpunter."

I don't even know what that means.

"You better figure it out, toadfoot. Like, yesterday."

Oof. You guys are rough. Well, maybe I can calm you down by mentioning the book (vampires volume 3) is in its last lap around the editing track. This is the lap where the story is in its correct shape. All the right things happen (I mean, all the wrong things, but the right wrong things), and we're only streamlining it. It's the longest book of the three, so this'll take another 3 weeks. But I'll try to check back here to update you as it goes. Thanks for your patience.

"There is no patience. Just finish, [extreme insult deleted]."