The third vampire book is up for pre-order on Amazon.  That means it's ready for the world, at long last.

I can't tell you how relieved I am to be finishing The Secret Inferno. We thought it was already mostly done back in May of 2016, when we started.  Then we realized that we had a fair beginning and a good ending, but... we didn't like the middle. Then the new middle got a lot longer than we originally estimated it would be -- but it seemed to be telling the right story at this length, so we kept going. Then we saw a way that our fair beginning could be a really good beginning, so we rewrote that too.  And then, obviously, a new beginning and middle meant some changes to the ending.  Like I said, whew -- what a relief to finally be done.  A whole year to write a book we thought was already written!  Now, it's going out to the world, and I hope you like it.  It was fun to work on, so it should be fun to read. Right?

(Of course, if you skate over to Amazon, you'll see the pre-orders are only up for the e-book so far. Coordinating with the printer for the book-book takes longer.  But the print version will be up by September 26 too -- just skate back around then, or maybe even sooner, to order that.)