That's stretching the definition of "historic," which I'm willing to do for the sake of a blog post headline. So what's the demi-great event? The book is live now -- vampires #3, up at Amazon.  Well, the ebook version, anyway.  The print version is still in the pipes (I'm waiting for the printer to email me the final "all systems go" message -- so that looks like it'll be up Thursday, unless an anvil falls on it).

This book took twice as long to get to you as I thought it would because it ended up being twice as long as I expected. "EPIC!" -- a review. Now, what's for dinner around here?  I gotta go out and eat something, I'm pretty delirious from handling this stuff. Maybe a tuna melt followed by a piece of coconut pie. That sounds like the perfect "book's finally out" dinner.