The print version is now approved.  It is out of the approval pipes and in the pipes that take it to Amazon.  The printer says it will show up there in 3-5 business days.  You guys should do what I plan to do: Check impatiently in 1-2. 

And now I will leave you with a bit of advice.  Don't, when you go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a simple shower curtain liner, also impulse-buy one of the round tins of Danish butter cookies stacked next to the register.  And if you do buy the tin, don't decide that because it was a mistake, you need to get rid of it quickly, and that getting rid of it quickly means eating all of the cookies in four days. It is too many cookies. Even if you think you earned them by finishing a book, it is too many. And when Day 1 of eating them goes smoothly, don't be fooled. Slow down. Or I promise you, Days 2-4 will not see you so blithe.